best part of living in los angeles

Sullivan TrailHiking . . . Not that you can’t hike anywhere but I particularly love hiking in Los Angeles. Not only is it beautiful with views of lush canyons and the ocean (sometimes at the same time), but today I saw Goldie Hawn on my hike. BTW, shes pushing 70 and looks fabulous! Only in LA.

It’s funny — I first started hiking back in college when my sister suggested I go to The Ashram, a hiking boot camp in Calabasas, CA. After 6 days of hiking, hiking, more hiking and no eating I boldly declared, “I hate hiking!” But then I moved to Los Angeles full time and hiking became my exercise of choice. I even returned to the Ashram several more times. Who needs a gym with the abundance of natural beauty and trails that are free? Let me tell you, nothing works better than walking up hill to whip your fat ass into shape.

And that’s exactly what I will be doing over the next few weeks or maybe even months between afternoons hunting for a job. Being unemployed has its perks. (It’s also a great way to keep my extreme stress in check.)

My favorite hike: Sullivan Ridge in Pacific Palisades at the top of Capri Drive off Sunset Blvd. The smell of wild fennel abounds and the views are spectacular. While it’s a far drive from where I live, i know the road like the back of my hand and never get tired of it. It’s not too crowded like some other hikes closer to town and you never know who you’ll run into. This week, in particular, there has been more people than normal on the trail, all coming to see the final days of Murphy Ranch — a Nazi refuge built in the 30’s that has been in a ruinous and graffitied state since the late 70’s — down in Rustic Canyon and accessible from the trail.

But if what I saw today is any indication, these ruins will soon be history and the hike will be back to it’s normal minimal traffic.

Soon I’ll post more about other great hikes in Los Angeles so stay tuned.

images courtesy: hikespeak

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