fastest meal in the west

ZoodlesZoodles + Pasta Sauce + Parmesan Cheese = my new favorite and faster than fast dinner. Ready in 5 minutes flat if you’re using ready components. I even buy my zoodles pre-zoodled because I have yet to purchase a zoodler. Thank you Whole Foods. This Scarpetta pasta sauce is among my favorites but you could use any brand you are partial to. Just stir them together in a pot to heat through. Transfer to a bowl, top with real grated Parmesan cheese and enjoy. Eats just like pasta yet oh so healthy and yummy!

Note:  Zucchini will release a lot of liquid making your sauce rather soupy. If you have an extra 30 minutes you could salt your zoodles and squeeze out the extra moisture in a towel before cooking. (But I don’t bother.)


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