smells good in here

Votivo Car FrangranceYou never know what you are going to find at the car wash . . . at least at my Hollywood car wash, were you could easily spend a small fortune on well chosen gifts, cards, specialty foods and stuff you don’t really need. They’re smart . . . captive audience.

I couldn’t leave the other day without one of these snazzy Votivo car fragrance pods. I have never used any sort of fragrance in my car but I have long been a fan of Votivo candles, so couldn’t resist the chance to make my car small as wonderful as their carefully blended candle scents I’ve been using in my home for years. These aren’t your cheap, mass market auto fragrance scents. These are very sophisticated blends welcome with every breath. Scents like Red Current, Moroccan Fig, White Ocean Sands and Clean Crisp White. (Sadly they have discontinued my favorite from their offering — Mandarine.) So I went with Red Current. Its soft and mellow with just a hint of sweet vanilla.

Red CurrentThe small fragrance disc clips to one of your vents but because it is black and sophisticated by design, it merely disappears. Nice to see a high end take on ticky tacky car fragrance. Best $10 i spent that day.

For a complete selection of scents shop online.

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