oh, my aching back

71dewojfsml-_sx522_This little machine is the best $40, ever spent! Have you ever been to the chiropractor and wanted to take home their electrode based massaging machine? Well, now you can have a simple version of it all for yourself at less than the price of an office visit.

witouch1Sold under the brand names Aleve by Bayer (blue) or WiTouch (green), regardless the brand, the machine is exactly the same little battery powered contraption that in 30 minutes offers amazing relief. While not as high powered or multi-armed as the fancy doctor’s office machine, it’s two pads sit either side of the spine and provides varied pulse sensations in a pre-programmed rhythm and is adjustable from low to medium intensity. If you suffer from lower back pain it is well worth a try.


The WiTouch replacement gel pads, required for each use (usually lasting 2-5 uses each) are much less expensive than the Aleve branded pads. And since the machines are exactly the same, go for the cheaper option.

available at drugstores or Amazon.com

2 thoughts on “oh, my aching back

  1. THANK YOU. Just ordered 3! Suzy Jurist, President | SJI Associates | Direct: 212.391.7004 | Main: 212.391.7770 | Mobile: 917.951.2861 sjiassociates.com | facebook | twitter | instagram

  2. My wife has one of these and likes it, however we found a 4 pad unit at Walgreens for the same price, that is actually much more versatile. It can do arms, legs, back, neck, hands, shoulders, etc. I needed it for a hamstring injury so the Aleve didn’t fit adapt as well. The pads last much longer (I think 80 uses and are very inexpensive to replace. You can do 2 body areas at once or one area with 4 electrodes. Both of these types of ‘TENS” units have really come down in price over the last 5 years and are well worth it!!!

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