how to survive social distancing

Here are some great TV shows to watch during this time of uncertainty when we are mostly stuck in the house. I always find a little escapism helps. That and a nice cup of tea.

Money Heist (Netflix)
This Spanish import is addictive. Three seasons and a fourth on the way in April tell the story of a bank heist gone right, then wrong, then right, then again. You’ll fall in love with the cast of characters and the unexpected plot twists. Put it at the top of your list.

Mystery Road (Acorn)
Another Australian TV show well worth watching. Starring Judy Davis as a small town cop investigating a cattle station disappearance that leads to a host of other crimes, cover ups and Outback intrigue.

Delicious (Acorn)
An unexpectedly delightful story of a chef, his ex-wife, his mistress and their families all set around the theme of the moment — cooking at a high level.

800 Words (Amazon Prime & Acorn)
A syrupy yet poignant family drama about a father who relocates his two kids to a small town in New Zealand after his wife dies. Even through the story is predictable, the cast of characters zany and cliche, with a teenage daughter played by an actress that looks no less than 30, it somehow all works.

Patrick Melrose (Showtime)
Benedict Cumberbatch as you have never seen him before — a hilarious and harrowing character study that takes us through child abuse, drug abuse, family drama and recovery.

Episodes (Showtime)
The behind the scene antics of Matt LeBlanc playing Matt LeBlanc the one time star of Friends now starring (but quickly eclisped by a new generation of young hot kids) in a crappy tv show meant to reinvigorate his career. Akin to how Entourage showed the real Hollywood through completely implausible yet reality based characters.

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