funny face

plates-stackA funny little collaboration between Case Studio and artist Jean Jullian. An assortment of porcelain plates equally suited for eating as objects of decor. Six different sizes and assorted retro colors in each set. Certain to make you smile!

plates-asstdAvailable here in limited edition only.  Apprx US $260


nine things i can’t live without

must have list

Row 1 (left to right):  Aesop products & the lovely stores they sell them in   natural light flooding into my home   a Duxiana mattress

Row 2:  my favorite piece of art — a printed mailer received from a vendor in the early 90’s floating in a frame. it makes me smile to this day  |  ice cream in any form but especially one of the crazy flavors from Gelato Messina  |  Vogue Living Australia magazine —  i have a 20+ year collection!

Row 3:  morning hikes in the Santa Monica mountains  |  a good mid-century modern staple like this Saarinen dining table  |  Australia — just 19 when I first visited, my heart has belonged to the land down under ever since  ♥♥♥

weekend agenda — rain room LA

Rain RoomNow open for viewing at LACMA, the famous Rain Room exhibit by London based artist collective Random International. Walk through a perpetual downpour without getting wet! This amazing technology senses the body and stops the rain from falling in your vicinity while it continues to pour all around you. People have stood in line for hours to experience the exhibit in other cities.You can see it with timed tickets now through March 16, 2016 here in LA — but still expect a wait. $30 includes general admission to the museum. Buy tickets here.

image: Jane Hu

here hear detroit

This is just plain cool. And Detroit, is kinda the last place I would expect to find cool to be honest. But when a guy like Nick Cave attends The Cranbrook Academy of Art in white suburbia and looks to the city to connect with “his people” as he says, amazing things happen. In between, Detroit has deteriorated beyond belief while Nick Cave has risen to great heights. Bring the two back together at the perfect moment in time and WOW!

The exhibition actually started back in April with a performance series of Nick Cave in his monumental Sound Suits in and around the city. Videos of these performances make up just part of the gallery exhibition. In addition you’ll find 30 of Cave’s sound suits on display, new sculpture works, recent murals, and more . . . But that’s not all — there are dance labs, educational components, performances and community events taking place between now and October to round out the happening.

I’m feeling a trip home a comin’ . . . (see more on my last trip to Cranbrook here)

Nick Cave Here Hear now through October 11, 2015  Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

would you pay good money for this?


Seems sexy doesn’t it? The perfect perfume for your designer friends. Ahhhh, but in reality it’s only water. Pure distilled water bottled and branded with the purest, most recognizable font in all of font history. Pure for pure. An “objet d’art” and the ultimate marketing ploy you could say. I think the perfect desk tchotchke for any graphic designer. So yes, I would pay money for this. $28 for a limited edition bottle with 24kt gold printing. Available here.

take me away

jon rou 1Jon Rou 2Jon Rou 3Jon Rou 4Jon Rou 5LA based photographer Jon Rou captures the most mesmerizing landscapes. Printed large scale with his special post production diorama effect techniques, you can’t help but be transported into another world. His work is simply magical.

Available through Zoe Bios Creative

All Images courtesy Jon Rou

meet lumio

gallery_comp_03_b gallery_comp_07_b

Have you seen Lumio? The brilliantly designed, portable and powerful light that unfolds from a book like magic. Simply open the cover and release the light. No cords. Beautiful soft yellow glow. 8 hours on a single charge. And it’s magnetic so you can “hang” it anywhere. No wonder it was a resounding success on Shark Tank. I saw it and fell instantly in love.


Available with walnut or maple covers $190. Or soon to be available in a pocket size, black with interchangeable bright colored spines $125. Lumio Book Lamp.

boing! boing!

ball 1 ball 3ball 2 ball 4 ball 5The object:  a 15 foot, 250 pound red rubber ball

The objective:  site + object + audience = performance

The locations:  hand picked sites around the world

Last seen:  Montreal, Canada

Where it goes from here:  nobody knows

The Red Ball Project by artist Kurt Perschke.

this is art

Miranda BagThis is one of the wittiest, best projects I have seen in a long time. The Miranda bag a collaboration between Welcome Companions and artist Miranda July. The finished product comes complete with all the essentials Ms. July always has in her own purse from homeopathic sleep aids, to a single almond, to conversation aid cards, to a hidden $20 bill for emergencies. Each item with it’s own leather compartment. Brilliant!

Contents Miranda Sketch

Click image to read the artist’s commentary on the contents of her purse.

Only 100 of these lipstick red, envelope inspired purses were produced. So hurry! Available at Opening Ceremony, Los Angeles. $1500