just can’t resist

tomato-soup-sweatshirtKinda lovin’ this bold Tomato Soup sweatshirt from Zara. In fact, sweatshirts are fashion this athleisure season at Zara:



yes, please!

do-not-disturb-hatA quiet day at the beach sounds just perfect!

hat available here.


gold accents

Ropers Musings GOld Accents1. This golden Swell water bottle is one I wouldn’t mind carrying around with me all day. 17 oz. $42 from Anthropologie  |  2. I covet this little purse by A-esque. It works as a clutch but also has an ingenious hidden strap that turns it into a cross body with nearly no effort. It is honestly the perfect bag for daytime or evening. Apprx US$ 300 with free shipping  |  Because everyday items should be beautiful. Brass scissors by Hay available at The Line. $16  |  4. A little flirty fun for the upcoming summer months. Fringe sandal by JCrew  $118

dressing made easy

system 1 Systen 2 System 3 Systen 4 System 5Let’s face it girls, all you really have in your closet is black, black, white & maybe a little grey. It’s just so much easier that way. Everything mixes and matches. It’s practical. It’s slimming. Travel is super easy not to mention the day to day. You can practically get dressed with your eyes closed and look put together and different every day.

The new “System” from Eileen Fisher is a great core black wardrobe — a couple pair of black pants, a long skirt, a pair of jeans, a few tops & tanks, a couple sweaters and boom you can look put together and be comfortable all at once. With a core wardrobe like this you can always add on a fashion piece here and there to liven things up when you just can’t resist that gotta have trend. But one thing I’ve learned over the years, those amazing statement pieces don’t add up to something to wear to work everyday.

Hey, I’m a fashion girl who grew up shopping non-stop, started my work life with an internship at Seventeen Magazine, owned a clothing store and love love love my avant-garde Yoji Yamamoto coat more than anything. But there’s something to be said about practical. I’ve always loved the concept of a uniform but have never quite had the discipline to do it. The mix and match system seems the perfect solution. I’m diggin’ it!

See just how simple it is here

little black sneaker

School Life Sneak EF Sneak Gap SneakBest (top): Every day black sneakers with a fashion flare and a mission statement. Gotta love these wingtip style sneakers from the School of Life complete with their signature yellow tab detailing. And it wouldn’t be the School of Life if you didn’t get a little philosophy with your shoes — printed on the outside edge:  Head in the Stars, Feet on the Ground. Made by British shoemaker Oliver Sweeney in Italy. Available by mail order, in European sizing. Approx. US  $280

Better (middle): If lace up is more your style, these chunky sneakers are a perfect fit. Leather with mesh inserts to keep your feetsies cool. Made with enough support to keep you walking on a cloud all day. A surprising entry from Eileen Fisher  $175.

Bargain (bottom): Want all the style at a bargain price? GAP does these simple shiny slip-ons (also available in a lace up version) in both black and oxblood (oooh!). Just enough quality to get you through the season in style. And just $50 to boot.

perfect travel piece

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 7.39.32 AM Nothing is better for traveling than a simple knit cape. It acts as a blanket on board the plane. Provides warmth on a chilly evening. And simply fits over anything looking chic.

Nearly 20 years ago I purchased a black cashmere cape — a huge investment at the time but it turned out to be the best piece of clothing I ever bought. All these years later my prized possession is riddled with moth holes and I have been on the hunt for a replacement. The above grey wool knit by Eileen Fisher is pretty darn close — it’s ample in size, is the perfect weight and while wool instead of cashmere it’s nice and soft and I intend to make it my new travel companion.

Now, get me to the plane . . .

fancy feet

LA sneakers

If you’re proud to be from Los Angeles show it on your feet with these Joshua Sanders Grey Fleece Slip-Ons.

i love oliver peoples

2015 glassesI pride myself on never having lost a pair of sunglasses before. That is until now. The stress of packing up and moving cross country got the better of me and when I got to California and opened my glasses case, I found it empty. Whoops!

So one of my first stops in sunny Los Angeles was Oliver Peoples — the only place I buy my sunglasses. I’ve been shopping there since they first opened in 1986 (the same year I moved to LA originally). And I love that while the company has grown exponentially over the years, their flagship store remains exactly the same — same location, same interiors, same displays even — nothing has changed really.

I am extremely loyal when I find something I like. I have traveled cross country in both directions for haircuts, eyebrow shaping and the like for many a year. Oliver Peoples is on that list of must haves for me. And they are worth it!

Oliver Peoples, 8642 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood